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Kenmore is a brand of household appliances sold by Sears. The brand is owned by Transformco, an affiliate of ESL Investments. As of 2017, Kenmore products are produced by manufacturers including Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, Cleva North America, and Daewoo Electronics. Today, the majority of the brand's portfolio is sold at Sears, Kmart, and Amazon. In 2019, the brand's grills and vacuum cleaners were offered at Lowe's, The Home Depot, and Target.

This is Carl's a former customer review written on, "First off, I will never buy another Kenmore appliance and would tell you that no matter how many 5 stars it is rated, it is still a pile of garbage. We bought this "highly rated" french door refrigerator back in 2014 and for 6 years it has worked perfectly. "If refrigerators only lasted for one year I'd say we got our money's worth" but according to repair experts, a refrigerator should last 14-20 years. Our Kenmore was made by LG and if you do your research you will find that LG is not a very reliable brand, I don't care what the experts say. The compressor is weak and only lasts for a couple of years if you are lucky. Ours went out! Now LG covers their compressor for 10 years but Kenmore only covers it for 1. What a rip off! It will cost $1166.28 to repair a refrigerator that I paid $1150 for in 2014. Sears and the Kenmore brand can go square to HEdoublehockeysticks!!! I'm done."


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Clerical Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"This company was very stressful to work for. It has a very bad habit of favoritism toward certain people. Not fair to the rest of the workers that worked just as hard."

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Clients aren’t important. they only think of the almighty dollar. They have no security for staff. Staff are getting hurt then been put on work cover then management go off at staff for doing what there drs day. Management roll there eyes. It’s a joke it’s rediculous you can’t win."

Home Care Aide Kirkland (Former Employee) says

"Helped with daily needs. Medication reminders and help with transport to doctors office and grocery stores. Championship is the most enjoyable part about this job. The hardest part is the stressful worry of something happening to a person you care about."

cleaning Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Thought management was not strict enough just left staff to get on with it did not seem to get involved enough with problems leaving it up to supervisor to sort out"

Principal Industrial Designer (Current Employee) says

"Kenmore is a very organized small group within the larger Sears structure. The team operates on a very entrepreneurial level, with a very horizontal hierarchy. Each team member is entrusted to do their part of the job of product development and deployment. As a result there is a lot of autonomy within the group. Category teams grow to be quite close, and very skilled at their jobs. We can speak frankly to each other without fear of overstepping our bounds. As a result we are able to develop smart and fast, and help make our brand more and more successful."

District Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"No real review to provide. Busy and fast paced environment. Construction sites go sideways often so that part of the business is demanding. The maintenance side is smooth and easy."

Linda Bender says

"I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator, based on my past Kenmore purchases.(4/11/19) Not only have the products deteriorated but I have not experienced such poor customer service, ever.
At 9 months my refrigerator stopped working. I first emailed customer service with no response. I then called customer service and after I was basically told by the person that answered the phone, that it was my fault (6 different ways) that my refrigerator stopped working (which was after I was told that I shouldn’t email but only call customer service-complete opposition to the website and to a card left by a service tech). One of the things I was told was that I should only be using 60%-80% of the freezer space. I asked her to tell me where that was written in the owner’s manual. She stuttered and stammered and then said (after telling me how she knew all these issues because she had worked there 11 years, and this was most likely my fault) that she got confused as to what service told her and what was in the manual. It would be false advertising to sell a 26.1 cu. ft. fridge but only be allowed to use 60%-80% of that space or it stops working, when a person actually uses the space that was purchased.
After so much time on the phone, I got put on the emergency schedule, which was 5 days out. After service checked it out, I was told a part had to be ordered and it would take 6 days.
18 days later, I called back (no one called or notified me), to be told the part was on back order until March. I asked what they were going to do until then, I got transferred two different times after the first person couldn't help. I was told that after 30 days that they would schedule a replacement. I asked that they send me documentation for that and I was put on hold (after a loud sigh and a very huffy “I will check to see if that information can be texted or faxed” after I had been told it couldn’t be emailed) and at an hour of being on-hold I hung up.
I had asked to schedule the replacement appointment since I had been told already that the part wasn't coming until March, almost another 2 months. The customer service person (supposed customer service person) got very short and said they couldn’t do that until 30 days had past. This was after I asked her to confirm that I had to wait even more days because the order for the replacement part was made 5 days after the service personnel were out (12/17/19). They stated they ordered the part at that time, but in fact did not order the part until 5 days later - per the personnel that answered the phone on 1/4/2020. I sent the original email on the 13th of Dec. which was a day after my refrigerator went out. It is now the 5th of January 2020. So that all my food did not spoil I purchased an ice chest and after days of going back and forth to a station for ice I purchased a small refrigerator. In another week it will have been a month without the refrigerator. After spending about $2000 for a product that now doesn’t work and substitutions, so I don’t lose more, I am the one made to suffer even more and made to wait. This is in addition to receiving the worst customer service I have ever received. (I have spent time on the phone with Microsoft and Apple and in comparison, they were jewels)"

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